diy: not your mama's wreaths

Wreaths have come so far. If I weren't spending all my free time renovating my home, I'd grab my tacky glue and make all these!
(1) via Pickles (2) via Bleubird Vintage (3) via Unplggd (4) via Martha


keep dreaming

Looking back at old posts is a funny thing. I came across this one. And, wow. All my wishes (plus some) came true this year.

//image via we heart it//


dueling holiday craft fairs

For all you in LA, there are TWO holiday craft fairs going on this weekend! Renegade and Unique LA. I'll probably just be able to stop by Renegade, but can't wait to see what everyone has in their shops.


and the pantone color of 2011 is...

Honeysuckle. Last year was turquoise and this year is a watermelon-esque color. Check out what the folks at Pantone have to say about the choice here. And see how it can translate into interior design from our friends at Apartment Therapy. As a girly girl, I have to say, I've always loved any and every shade of pink. Can't wait to mix up the perfect batch of honeysuckle ink and slap it on Big Red.


font love

Once December hits, the countdowns start to pop up everywhere. Top songs of 2010. Best news stories from 2010. Popular colors of 2010. Well, I totally geek out over type. So I wanted to share Veer's staff font picks of 2010. Plus, Margaret and I share a love for Business Penmanship by these guys.
image via Veer


it's not too late

Hey procrastinators! It's not too late to order your holiday cards. What an amazing way to send warm wishes to friends and family. And if you don't have one picked out, check out my (slightly modified) art on sale at Minted. For you trendy types, collages are all the rage. And this collage is filled with sweet little wintery illustrations that spell out JOY. enJOY.


let's get down to business

You might notice things are looking a little different around here. Not only are we cleaning up the shop and putting it together, we are cleaning up our web space, too. Lots of papery excitement to come. I promise. in the meantime, we have our very own established URL. There's not much to see at the moment. But it's a start. Visit us at dearlolaletterpress.com or say hello at hello@dearlolaletterpress.com. While we love a good old fashioned paper note, we love email, too.