another way to say thanks

I've been printing a few wedding suites lately, but have made time for some projects in between that will be sold in the shop. Here's another way to say thanks printed in sunny yellow and green-grey.


don't forget to say thank you

Sadly, handwritten thank you notes have fallen by the wayside. But it's not too late to become a thank you note sender type person. Maybe you were waiting for these to start?


custom personal stationery

Personal stationery represents you just as much as your shoe choice. If you've always wanted letterpress custom stationery printed on soft cottony paper, let's talk!


lovely collage: a wedding suite

I love wedding stationery. I can go on and on about how it sets the tone for what kind of event you're going to have, but I'll keep this short. Here's our "lovely collage" wedding suite. This version is printed in 3 colors, but it can also be printed in 2 (or even 1) to keep costs down. The collage motif would also make a totally adorable birth announcement or shower invite.