say hello

Say hello with one of these 2 color pretties, part of our little letters collection. These are letterpress printed in coral and warm grey and will be sold in the shop in sets of 3. In other exciting news, the shop will be opening in April. So stay tuned!


hugs and hearts

I've been sleeping, drinking and eating printing. Ok, maybe not eating it, although I think I may have gotten some ink in my mouth. Yum. Anyway, I wanted to share one of the many projects that me and my lovely sidekick big red have created lately. These small notecards are perfect for leaving little love notes around the house, using as gift tags, or just to tell a friend that you heart them. And they may be small, but the magenta ink and impression into 100% cotton paper far makes up for their size.


where the magic happens

It's no secret that printing makes me happy. But printing in a girly, glittery, garlandy studio makes me even happier.


pink, pink, pink

I don't know if it's the month of love. Or maybe it's because honeysuckle was named the 2011 pantone color of the year. But pink seems to be everywhere I turn right now and it's a color that's always made me smile. This shoot in the latest issue of Utterly Engaged is pink AND sparkly. It's making me want to go sew some pink sequins onto something letterpressed.
pretty pink things via pinterest


the big move

We're seriously giddy with excitement over here. Red, our 1947 C&P, is all home and happy in her studio. Here are some shots from the big move.


edge painting

Edge painting is a fab way to give your stationery an extra pop of color. We're experimenting with the process in the Dear Lola lab today.


prepress mode

We're in prepress mode at Dear Lola. These lovelies will be printed really soon!