bold red personal stationery

This one color personal stationery is based off this design. Loving the bold red!


nautical inspired baby shower invitations

We had so much fun designing and printing these super sweet nautical inspired baby shower invitations. Baby Crockett is already one lucky little guy. These pretties are two color printed in light teal and gray ink on 110 lb cotton paper. See our listing for one color shower invitations, here!


plaid personal stationery

There's no denying, I love me a good pattern. I decided to design + print stationery as a first birthday gift for Xander and his mama. These two are actually birthday twins, which I think is just so sweet. I was inspired by an adorable plaid shirt I saw Xander in. I thought, this little man really needs some plaid stationery. These are printed two color with french blue and warm grey ink.


Dear Lola holiday cards featured on Camille Styles

Our Sparkle holiday cards were recently featured on Camille Styles! Thanksgiving is only 3 weeks away, so it's time to start thinking what pretties you are going to send to your nearest and dearest. Get them in the shop.


heart thank you cards

Our heart thank you cards are such a simple + sweet way to say thanks! Here are a few custom color orders I've printed. Perfect for wedding and event thank you notes.


pretty pink personal stationery

This pretty pink personal stationery was ordered as a wedding gift. A perfect + thoughtful wedding gift!


chevron moving announcements

These textile inspired fill-in moving announcements feature one of my favorite patterns - chevron. No matter how many times I see zig-zag lines, I just don't get tired of them. These were originally custom designed and printed for a good friend, but now I'm selling them in my shop here.


modern tangerine personal stationery

Personal stationery makes such a great gift for a new bride + groom. I've had a few requests for these types of gifts lately. This one is a modern design printed in tangerine ink.


blind letterpress thank you notes

Letterpress stationery is a great way to say thank you for all the lovely wedding gifts you receive! This custom stationery was printed blind, or inkless. It's such simple + sweet perfection. Check out other personal stationery in the shop.


Dear Lola wedding invitations on Paper Crave

Did you guys see? Our tribal wedding invitations were featured on Paper Crave.


wine // cheers cards now in the shop

We're heading up to Napa soon for a little vacay // birthday celebration. All the dreaming of wine tasting and rolling hills filled with vines were the inspiration between these fun letterpress wine cards. They are the perfect way to say cheers to any event worth cheers-ing to! Get them in the shop now.


Dear Lola wedding invitations on Invitation Crush

Check out the recent love we received from Invitation Crush! If Invitation Crush isn't on your daily blog reading list, it's a must for the paper-obsessed.


fill-in baptism invitations for xander

Cherri loved the idea of doing fill-in baptism invitations for her adorable son Xander (see photo below for proof of the ridiculous adorableness). I was totally honored to do these for Cherri and Xander because in another life, I was hired by Cherri for my first internship ever. And since they are fill-in, you can get your hands on them too (over here). If you'd like custom colors, or a custom invitation/announcement all together, send me an email and we can discuss pricing.


letterpress stationery = the perfect wedding gift

I just designed + printed this one color personal stationery for one of my fave yoga teachers as a wedding gift. We've talked paper before, so I knew she'd love stationery that features her and her fiancé's name. Personalized stationery makes the perfect gift for any newlywed couple! Take a peek at some other personal stationery projects in the shop.


our shop is now open!

Check it out here and buy yourself some paper pretties.


honeycomb inspired personal stationery

When Meghan approached me to design and print her personal stationery she had two requests. Honeycomb + jam label. She loves bees + jam and even makes her own jam! These pretties are printed in cheery yellow ink on 110 pound paper. It's fun to play with different textures in a piece when you're printing in just one color. Between the label and the honeycomb pattern, this piece has so much texture that it seems more like a two color print since the white paper appears to be a second color.


letterpress + cookies

Two of my most favorite things are letterpress + cookies. So when I started working with Dana, baker extraordinaire, from The Sunday Sweet. I knew we'd be a good match. I designed her logo and printed stationery and hang tags in lavender ink (her signature color). When I delivered her goodies, she gifted me with oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies. These are seriously amazing, guys! I'm sure she'll post the recipe soon so you can try them, too.


bite size stationery

Remember Mayumi's stationery? Well, we shrunk it down and made it bite size. Mmmm, scrumptious! If I was one of those people who liked to collect things, I'd for sure collect mini things. Because they're the cutest. I wonder how long it's going to take Mayumi to go through 80 of these lovely little notes.


heart thank you cards

Handwritten type and a sweet little heart make these mustard and peach ink thank you cards irresistible. We can even customize them in any color you'd like. Great for weddings, events, or if you just have a signature color. We all have a signature color, right?


tribal: a wedding suite

Do you remember high school geometry? I do. And I equate it with pure awfulness. Maybe it's because I've always had a fond love for patterns and geometric shapes. Turning the beauty of shapes into something math related? No, thank you. Designing beautiful shapes and then seeing them brought to life through letterpress? Yes, please.


pattern & blind ink wedding suite

Using blind impression as an ink color is so refined and gorgeous. It's amazing that no color can make such a statement, but it totally does. And then paired with navy + pattern? Well, it's even more blissful.


lovely collage featured on Invitation Crush

We're so excited that our lovely collage invitations are featured alongside loads of amazing stationery talent in Invitation Crush's Wedding Invitation Ideas Lookbook. Check it out for tons of papery inspiration.


good lines flat cards

Olive green + sky blue is such a fresh color combo and it works perfectly on these geometric printed flat notecards. We love a good pattern.


personal stationery: my-you-me

Love this custom personal stationery that we just designed and printed. Mayumi (my-you-me) is an old friend from college who saw Dear Lola and just needed to get herself a piece of letterpress goodness from us.


make a wish

We're continuing last week's celebration with the final birthday card of the collection, wish.


confetti + fill in party invites

More confetti for your day. This time in the form of party invitations. Step away from the computer and send these invitations instead. We love confetti, a good party and big red churning out super cool things. Nuff said.


confetti = little dots of joy

Little dots of joy + happiness. That's what confetti is to us. And letterpress printed confetti? Well, that's even better.