I recently took a class on the type of press I'd like to buy, a Heidelberg Windmill. The class was held at The International Printing Museum which houses tons (literally, the weight of all the equipment in there has got to be in the tons) of antique printing equipment. They also offer classes and I got to learn from one of the best Windmill teachers in the biz! He’s so good that someone even came all the way from Texas just to take the class. And, he taught Rosario Dawson how to print so she wouldn’t look like a poser while shooting the film Seven Pounds. I’ve never seen the movie, but I often hear “ohhhh, do you do what Rosario Dawson did in that movie with Will Smith?” The class was amazing and I learned so much. Since then I’ve researched Windmills for sale and have driven near and far to check out three for sale. The first was way too overpriced, the second worried me (but then my teacher went out and tested it for another student and he deemed it a great buy…UGH) and the third had some issues, like tape holding pieces of it together and the registration was off. No thanks. But mine is out there, somewhere, just waiting to be saved. Besides, I only want to move the 3,000 pound beauty once, so I need to get this studio situation sorted out. Until then, here’s a looksy at a Heidelberg Windmill. Isn’t she pretty?

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